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Martial Arts America continually evolves its training programs to ensure students have the tools necessary to meet the challenges of our ever-changing world. Our Youth MMA Program was developed specifically to provide younger students with an increased level of confidence, both physically and mentally. Staying one step ahead of others is often the difference between success and failure. This is where our Youth MMA Program can really give young people the edge.


Each class delivers a high energy workout and encompasses martial arts training from several disciplines. There are no belts, no uniforms, and no formal testings. Focus is put on “real life” self-defense scenarios and becoming a well-rounded martial artist. In today’s world, knowledge in all areas of martial arts is really needed to maintain a competitive advantage, and this is what makes our Youth MMA program so unique.


Join our Youth MMA Team! We PROMISE it will improve your health, confidence, threat perception, and most of all your chance to survive a real-life threatening assault against you or your family. The class will not be easy, but the rewards will be well worth the training.

The Youth MMA Program includes training from several disciplines:

Taekwondo    Jiu-Jitsu    Judo

Wrestling  •  Aikido  •  MMA Ground & Pound

Muay Thai  •  Boxing  •  American Kickboxing

Martial Arts America | Scotch Plains, NJ
Martial Arts America | Scotch Plains, NJ | USMAA
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