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leaders in world-class taekwondo training since 1991

For nearly three decades, Martial Arts America has been providing world-class Taekwondo training from our state of the art academy in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. We are family owned and operated, well known throughout the local community for our commitment to excellence and our immaculately clean facility. Our programs are designed to challenge both physical and mental abilities at a level and pace that allow students of all ages to become the best martial artist they can be.


All of our classes are taught by highly trained, nationally and internationally certified black belt instructors, who are experts at bringing out the best in each student. Our belt ranks consist of nine levels/colors with three short-term goals designed to keep students focused on continued learning as they progress towards achieving a black belt. Students experience a whole new challenge and level of excitement with every advancement in rank. Once black belt status is achieved, there are nine degrees/levels that further provide the avid student with a lifetime of training and mastery. 

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Since we first opened the academy in 1991, we’ve set a standard in martial arts excellence. Our superior curriculum, coupled with our CANI Warrior training mantra – Constant And Never-ending Improvement – has produced numerous national and world champion athletes, whose achievements extend to all aspects of life, establishing us as leaders in world-class Taekwondo training.

We are committed not only to martial arts excellence but to teaching a positive lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with our principles and primary mission of health, strength and longevity.

As a team, we strive to…

…listen to and understand the wants and needs of our students and families and address each of those wants and needs specifically.

…continually educate and train/update our skills in communication and instruction to maintain our commitment to excellence.

…educate and train our students and families to ensure they are empowered to protect themselves and maintain optimal health.

…provide quality instruction/service with a view toward overall health and well being, recognizing that perfection is unattainable and excellence is a worthy goal, accomplishing this with a warm, caring attitude towards each other and our students/families, treating everyone as we would like to be treated.

Martial Arts America | Scotch Plains, NJ | A List Award

We encourage you to make one of the best decisions of your life and become a member of our ever expanding martial arts family. Sign up for one of our free classes and start improving your health and level of fitness today!

Martial Arts America | Scotch Plains, NJ
Martial Arts America | Scotch Plains, NJ | USMAA
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