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You Are What You Eat

The following is an article I wrote for my students in 2010. I believe it is as relevant today (perhaps even more so) as it was when it was originally published.


I want to challenge you all to set a goal and change your DIET and EXERCISE program. I am a firm believer that it is very hard to achieve success in any area of life if you are not happy with yourself. It is hard to be optimistic about working hard toward a goal when you have no energy to do so. It is hard to get up early and stay up late making deadlines when your body is quitting on you. It is hard to get someone to follow you and help you on your journey to be your best when you are tired, sluggish, lazy, and out of shape.


Try a whole new approach to eating. Eating is not for pleasure. Food is simply a fuel that enables us to perform our best. You need to find the nutritional program that best fits you and your family. Do some research there are plenty of experts that have detailed an exact program for you to follow. I will tell you what works for me, and for those who do not know me, I am 44 years old and in the best shape of my life. I work over 12 hours every day being the most positive and energetic instructor I could possibly be. Yes I am exhausted at the end of each day. Yes I am so sore by the end of the week, I could barely walk. What is the good news? Besides that crazy virus that attacked me for 8 months, I am NEVER sick. I have a better physique than when I was 18, 25, 30. I keep a 6 to 8 pack of abs year round. I am faster and stronger than ever. My cardio outlasts any of my 20 year old full contact fighters. My diet works for me and my family!

1. Whole foods (not made or processed)

2. I eat only organic foods at home. (no beef)

3. I keep an alkaline body. (Wheat grass and green leafy vegetables)

4. I supplement many antioxidants

5. I drink only Spring Water and Green Tea. (No soda at all. No Milk. Milk is for baby cows not humans)

6. My Fat & Omega 3 snacks are Pumpkin seeds, Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews

7. I eat 6 small meals throughout the day

8. I restrict carbs to a bare minimum to stay lean. I am very carb sensitive. It goes right to fat stores on me.

9. I eat 2 grams of protein per body pound to fuel my muscles for growth, strength, and repair

10. Once a week I love to cheat and reward myself with something chocolate, ice cream, and tons of carb rich foods.

The secret - Be CONSISTENT!


I work one body part a day. Cardio every day. Stretch every day. Abs, Calfs, & Forearms every day. The key thing here is consistent every day training. When you are no longer getting sore from your workouts, CHANGE IT UP. My training routine is not for everyone as it is rather intense. There are millions of experts that will design a routine that fits your needs. Do the research and find the person best for you. If you are in New Jersey, come train with me and join the thousands who have seen the difference it makes in their life.

So the challenge is on! Make a difference in your health by next summer. When you are peaking, your life can peak. Those around you will peak. You are what you eat. BE CAREFUL!

Eat smart - Exercise - Set big goals - Work HARD - Be grateful for the things you have - My friends, our time here is short. Enjoy the smile of a friend.

One Body – One Life – Train Hard

Wishing you the best - Be Blessed

Senior Master

Martial Arts America | Scotch Plains, NJ
Martial Arts America | Scotch Plains, NJ | USMAA
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